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Welcome from the Master of Wellington College International School Bangkok

It is my privilege, and an enormous pleasure, to be able to welcome you to Wellington College International School Bangkok.

Have a look at our wonderful campus: there is space to move and to think; there is peace to ponder and to learn; there is nature to explore and to cultivate. Our outstanding school premises are purpose-built, echoing the grandeur of Wellington College in England as well as the grace and depth of the culture of Thailand. We are halfway between city and airport - convenient to both yet dominated by neither.

The philosophy of Wellington College, originally developed in the UK, is rich - and absolutely central to our existence. When we talk about our identity, you will feel genuine commitment and belief, not just from me but from everyone in the community. We are, and expect everyone to be, inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive.

When we talk about our values, we mean what we say: courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility flow through the school in every way - on the sports field, in the dining hall, in the corridors and the classrooms.

What teachers aim to instil, they must exemplify powerfully themselves: to engender respect, I must be respectful; before demanding courage, I must find it in myself. Our staff know this, and they practise it with rigour. And yet a school is not a campus, no matter how ideal the location, nor is it a philosophy - even ours. A school is its people.

So every one of our students is surrounded by opportunities to engage with, to explore and to encounter anything and everything there is to learn. The world is not just out there - and not just on the page of a textbook or the screen of a tablet: it is right here, ready for your child to experience.

That experience can take many forms, and flow through many channels. The Wellington approach to learning is absolutely centred on the individual child: we are all different and therefore what it means to learn something is different for every child. Recognising and acting on this is central to how we work every day.

And every one of our parents is central to our process. To understand your child, we need to know you personally and to share the responsibility of guiding your children with you openly and honestly. Smooth flow of information around the child-teacher-parent loop is fundamental to what we do.

My own roots are in the UK but education has taken me around the globe. The joy, the excitement and the boundless awe I have felt on my own journey of discovery are what I am most passionate about engendering in others. The world is an amazing place - and Wellington College is one of the very best schools in it.

 Do come and visit us: we would love to meet you, and the real thing will speak to you so much better than these webpages can.

Christopher Nicholls

Founding Master

Wellington College International School Bangkok